Are corner block 90 degrees?

No. They will be between 91 to 93 degrees, due to the way the corner mold is removed from the block. 90 degree molds do not work. This requires that the wall be layed out so that an adjustment is made to accommodate the corner block.

How is a double sided (ST) wall finished on the end when there is no door or Window frame?

There are two solutions.
a. Use two JO/JP’s back to back.
b. Use a CCO (cap unit)

Can SG be used in an exterior application?

Yes. Generally, lighter colors do better than dark colors. Also, Varitone colors do well when used outside. It is important that epoxy grout be used with all exterior applications. Do not let epoxy grout set up on the face of the block.

How is SG cleaned?

Clean as you go with a damp cloth, then use a mild cleaner such as Prosoco Vanatrol.

Can a coved base (G) unit be used with a concrete floor?

Generally, no. It is designed to be used with some type of flooring material such as tile.

Can a bond beam unit be glazed across the entire bottom?

Yes. The designation is UCC. So, an 8 inch bond beam would be 8UCC.

Because of the way 8UCC’s are made, the glaze is thicker at the rear portion of the bottom of the block. This will require the unit to be adjusted to so that the rear leg of the bond beam is not higher than the front.

Is there a 4 inch unit with an 8 inch return – “L-corner”?

Yes. The designation is 4JO/P – L.

Can SG faces be repaired?

It depends on the extent of the repair. Small holes and imperfections can sometimes be filled with auto body filler such as Bondo and then touched up with semi-gloss enamel paint. Otherwise, a 2S unit can be soaped in.

Does the bed depth of two sided units (ST’s) vary and, if so, how much?

Yes, ST units may have through the wall variation of up to 3/16” as allowed by ASTM C-744. ST units are used for economy and should not be used if both sides of the wall are expected to look the same.

Are SG units fire safe?

Yes, since the base block are regular gray block, they will not burn or fail during a fire. The glazed faces, which are mostly sand, will melt and emit a flame spread of less than 25 according to ASTM E-85. The hourly fire rating is the same as the base block.

Will the faces pop off?

No. The glazed face is integrally bonded to the face of the underlying block.

Are the glazed faces graffiti resistant?

Yes. Most graffiti cleans up easily with commercial graffiti removal products.

Is it possible to glaze 3 sides of a unit? For example, a double sided unit (ST) and an end.

No. The rule of thumb is that only two adjacent faces can be glazed.

Does SG come in a 12” return corner unit? (12JO/P)

No. For 12” bed depth walls, use an 8JO/P. Refer to the SG brochure or contact the TBP office for more information on how the units are installed.

What is recommendation to remove “sharpie” marks?

Mineral spirits usually work well. Always do a test area to be safe.

What is the best way to remove graffiti?

Prosoco makes a product for graffiti protection called Block Guard.  It comes in both a solvent based and water based version. Since the Spectra-Glaze faces are so dense, the Block Guard is not going to penetrate the surface; however it will penetrate the mortar joints.  The only issue is watching for runs.  They can be rolled or brushed out as they occur on the Spectra Glaze faces.