Spectra Glaze® BIM Content

At Spectra GLAZE®, we help Architects and Contractors prototype and simulate with accuracy, predictability and ease.

In BIM and Digital Prototyping, accurate 3D model content is king! That is why we make it easy for Architects, Specifiers and Contractors to simulate real-world situations. Spectra Glaze BIM Content is created with your Design-Caliber and Construction-Caliber models in mind.

The benefits of using Spectra GLAZE BIM:

  • Accurate Spectra GLAZE product information
  • Communicate and simulate
  • Accurate product information
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Eliminates errors
  • Reduces costly changes

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Download our BIM package

Our BIM package includes:

  • Material Assets
  • Material Images
  • BIM model