About Spectra Glaze

In 1790 Spectra Glaze started in Baltimore, Maryland by the Burns & Russell Co. but is now a part of the Hi-Standard family brand. In the beginning, they started out manufacturing clay brick and pavers and selling them in and around the city of Baltimore. Eventually the company gravitated out of making clay brick as their local access to clay dried up. In the early 1950’s, the Russell family expanded operations to include coatings, basic chemical research, additives, minerals, pigments, ceramic coatings for metal, and new polymer compounds. With the unique discovery of how to combine organic and inorganic molecules to form new substances, with superior properties, Spectra Glaze glazed concrete block was born.

Spectra Glaze concrete masonry block has set the international standard for glazed finishes integrally bonded to concrete block. It is an innovative, cost-saving, high performance pre-finished concrete block that has been used to construct all types of structures worldwide. Available from its new headquarters in Texas and from a network of licensees across North America, Spectra Glaze offers a wide variety of colors, and is resistant to soiling, chemicals, marking, impact, abrasion and much more. It is fire-safe and meets USDA and OSHA requirements for sanitary walls. With its recent acquisition by the Hi-Standard Family of Companies, you can count on their commitment to great service and highest quality products at affordable prices.