Spectra Glaze

What Is Spectra Glaze?

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Our Spectra Glaze® Block is a lightweight, modular concrete block with a permanent glazed face on one or more surfaces integrally bonded to the base block in a unique manufacturing system.


Spectra-Glaze® Block will allow you to enjoy design opportunities with a wide choice of color, texture, form, scale and pattern.

SpectraSpectra-Glaze® Block provides superior resistance to soiling, chemicals, marking, impact, abrasion, urine, blood and acid rain. They are fire safe, non-toxic block which meet all national building codes - and meet U.S.D.A and OSHA requirements for sanitary walls.

This excellent wall material provides the durability, fire resistance, insulation, sound control and all other constructional advantages of concrete masonry.

With Spectra-Glaze® Block, you build and finish in one labor operation, saving time and money. Operational and life cycle costs are also reduced.


Produced under controlled factory conditions, the satin-finish facing is not subject to the variable of on-site applications, and offers benefits unique to a Spectra-Glaze® Block wall system. Spectra-Glaze® Block have been satisfying design needs in all kinds of buildings for over 50 years.