Spectra Glaze


Achieved through the use of Large Face Sizes.


Spectra Glaze

Spectra-Glaze® Block can be obtained in 8x16, 12x12, 16x16 sizes and in some parts of the country sizes up to 16x24 and 12x24 can be manufactured. 


METRIC units are also available in Spectra-Glaze® Block. 

Personalized and special effects in scale can be achieved through selection in size of block or through scored units. 

The face of Spectra-Glaze® Block can be scored to various patterns including but not limited to 4x4, 8x8, 4x8, 5x8.

When using scored units, all structural joints should be raked back at least 1/4 inch and allowed to set. Be sure to tuckpoint mortar joints and scored joints at the same time. When stack bond appearance is selected with scored units, use stack bond construction.

Spectra Glaze

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