Spectra Glaze

Patrn-Glaze™ Series

Shadows & Highlights

Our innovative technology has developed a block that is designed to express an ever changing two-toned appearance brought forth by variations in the angle of reflected light from the surface of the block. New and interesting design patterns and logos for 8x16 as well as 12x12 and 16x16 Spectra-Glaze® Block.

Spectra Glaze Spectra Glaze


Reflecto-Lite™ Series of Spectra Glaze

Add a unique dimension to interior and exterior walls. The pattern appears to change as yuo pass by, as angles of light sources vary. Subtle chromatic nuances are a joy to behold as the visual texture forms and reforms, to create an ever-changing appearnace.

Spectra Glaze

  Sprectra Glaze

Spectra Glaze

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