Spectra Glaze


Spectra-Glaze® Block, Perfect Corner™ Curves and Richstone Ground Face™ Block provide the opportunity for LEED green credits through:

Sustainable Sites

Life cycle value engineering is achieved through our glazed finish that has a permanent integral bond to the concrete block and durability of concrete block itself. The permanent molded finish eliminates the need for re-painting or re-surfacing, providing increased building life and eliminating the emission of VOC’s from the initial painting and subsequent refinishing every 3 to 5 years. Credit for building reuse is more likely because glazed concrete masonry is exceptionally durable with a life cycle much longer than many other building envelope products. Spectra-Glaze® concrete masonry construction provides the opportunity to save the structure if the use changes rather than tearing the building down.

Energy & Atmosphere

Spectra-Glaze® Block have a high thermal mass which is excellent for storing heat and reducing energy demand from air conditioning. Walls remain warm or cool long after heat or air conditioning has been turned off or turned down after hours. Power demand can be shifted to lower cost off peak hours. The heat island effect of localized areas of high temperatures created by solar absorption on dark walls can be eliminated by using high reflectance white or light colored exterior and corridor glazed walls.

Materials & Resources

Spectra-Glaze® concrete block are light weight units typically made using slag content and in some cases other recycled materials such as fly ash. Slag is a 100% post-industrial recycled material. It increases acoustic isolation and fire ratings in walls. The aggregates and sand used in our concrete block are usually local and provide a regional material credit opportunity.