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Since Spectra-Glaze® Block start with a typical lightweight concrete masonry unit, almost any configuration you can imagine with one face, two faces, one face and one end, or one face and a cap can be manufactured.

Spectra-Glaze® Block also offers two new corner designs, a cap system and a sound absorption system called Soft Corner™, People-Friendly™Corner Series, Trym-SaverSeries and Spectra-Glaze® Soundblox® Series respectively.


Soft Corner™ Series

The Soft Corner™ Series is an innovative design which transforms internal corners from sharp crevices that are difficult to maintain, to the soft, easily cleaned 8" radius corners. The 16" external radius helps traffic flow, visibility and safety in congested areas. Both corners enhance appearance by keeping wall on modular bond, eliminating those unsightly added mortar joints at the corners.
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Spectra-Glaze® Soundblox® Series

Two outstanding elements - glazing and acoustical engineering - have been combined to further enhance design for superior acoustical walls. Spectra-Glaze® / Soundblox® glazed acoustical units provide a unique pattern of slots and mortar joints, The glazed satin finish adds the advantage of surface cleansibility. Most Spectra-Glaze® manufacturers use type R series units only. For complete technical information, refer to Proudfoot Company Inc., Catalog in Sweet's 04200.

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Consult your local manufacturer for availability.
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