Spectra Glaze



Designing walls with this proven, durable material offers flexibility of limitless colors, from brazen to muted, and from natural marble to brick.


The best colors for exterior use are whites and pastels which have been marked with an asterisk(*) in our catalog.
The Spectra-Glaze® Catalog and Chip Kits give the best representation of the variations available within our standard color lines.

Spectra-Glaze® Block has developed a line of 80 standard colors. The satin finish of Spectra-Glaze® Block can be matched to practically anything. Just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

Spectra-Glaze® Block are manufactured with natural and organic pigments which will incur natural change on the exterior, some more than others.
Colors are tested via 12 month exterior evaluation in Florida by the South Florida Test Service, Inc. and under ASTM C 744 for 500 hours of weatherometer.

Always order a full size block when choosing a final color.


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Spectra Glaze® Catalog & Color Chip Kit

should be consulted for color selection


Spectra Glaze

South Florida test service division of Atlas Weather Testing